The dynamic nature of the information age necessitates a rapid reaction of the environment and change. It is inevitable that sports clubs, which are very sensitive to the environment and are most affected by it, become the most important candidates of organizational learning in the information management process in today\’s competitive environment.

Today, successful organizations are steadily creating information, spreading this knowledge across the organization and transforming that knowledge into new technologies, products, services, activities or processes. In terms of Sportive Businesses, competition is becoming more and more widespread, consumer awareness is increasing, people are looking for qualified people in all their lives, not just the goods or services they buy, but they are careful to use different choice.

There is a need for sports entrepreneurship to grow in today\’s intense competitive environment and to expand their knowledge areas, to continual improvement and development, to do organizational learning and knowledge management, and to do learning organization stage so that they can keep themselves up to date and increase their competitiveness.