Sporting functional areas in industry require a multidimensional perspective. Developments and technological breakthroughs in today\’s world\’s sports organizations have made it imperative to take asymmetric variables into account, along with symmetrical ones. Because the form opponent and struggle will take will mean the absolute defeat of one-dimensional system of thinking.

The goal of this research is to identify the role and functions of leaders in the frame of the level of the reach of the sports industry in the world. This research has been examined in accordance with qualitative research methods, phenomenological design and the descriptive approach. Sports management within the sport industry will need leaders who can make the right decisions through an effective judgment process, which requires multidimensional thinking, uncertainty and rapid reaction in unexpected situations.

The leadership qualities and reasoning techniques and methods that have to be possessed in order to find solutions to institutional problems have increased in terms of significance by using the reasoning ability of the leading personnel who take roles in all the functional areas and all levels of sports organizations.