Establishing Football Vocational Schools


The aim of this study was to understand what principles should be used in the future when establishing Football Vocational Schools in Turkey in order to ensure that future Turkish football players are better trained, and that this occurs in economically viable ways. The study was conducted as a case study. The data were collected using the interview technique and then subject to content analysis. Converting the football academy units currently found in Turkish sports clubs into Football Vocational Schools will fill the current deficiencies in the Turkish education system and will provide the well-trained and elite football players increasingly required by professional clubs.

These schools should focus on providing education and training in football, which should be complemented by the subjects in the national education curriculum. This will make it easier for talented young footballers to choose football as a profession from an early age. Such a training model will help create a new service area with high added value in a market in which there is strong international competition.

Keywords: Vocational School, Syllabus, Football Training, Turkish Education, Football Economy